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Another Day for Remebering

Closing out the chapter of my Magni-bike, I had yet another extraordinary opportunity to crash a party, this time at Madonna del Ghisallo Bike Museum in Como. Auro Bulbarelli was presenting his now famous biography of Magni, with the official presentation on the 27th of October at the museum. Mr. Magni wanted the bike that I made for him to be on display in the museum which he directed, so I was obliged to see that it made it to the event as per his request.

No doubt it was a difficult day. The Magni family was there for the book presentation and all of Fiorenzo’s riding buddies, teammates, and friends came out to remember their mate who passed away just a few days prior. It was a beautifully dreary day, with rain and fog on the Ghisallo climb that would have made any Eroica rider pleased.

I was the first to arrive as I had to assemble the bike for the presentation. I was cordially let into Mr. Magni’s office where I was allowed to put the bike together for the last time. What a strange and wonderful feeling, getting to finally deliver the bike I had built so long ago, on such a remarkable occasion. I really felt his presence while tinkering with the hex keys, fumbling to get the bike together. As I was tightening it all up, I decided to hang my logo keychain, faithful companion since the inception of Crisp Titanium (designed by my good friend Jeroen van den Brand) up along the saddle rails. Just a small symbol of the fatigue and commitment that I’ve endured in my path which led me to build the bike for this historic man.

Before the book presentation, there was the scheduled presentation of the Giro D’Italia pink jersey collection. This was the presentation of the largest collection of “maglie rose” to date, all original. Pretty impressive to see the transformation of all those jerseys from old-school wool to the latest technical fibers. It must be added that Fiorenzo, the apt businessman that he was, was the inventor of the “sponsorship” logo on the jersey. He introduced the first cycling jersey with the Nivea-Fuchs logo way back at the end of the 1954 season. Yes, we’ve come a long way.

Again, I thank Marco Pastonesi (Gazzetta dello Sport), Auro Bulbarelli (RAI), Madonna del Ghisallo Museum, Ivo Faltoni and the Magni Family for letting me take part in this bittersweet event. I will carry some great memories and some new friends ahead along my path. Also be sure to check out the work of Angelo Giangregorio here, great work. He knows how to capture fatigue.