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Pegoretti Rally – Siena

I had a spectacular weekend. My family and I were kindly invited to the Dario Pegoretti Raduno, a rally for Pegoretti owners which was organized by Nicola Vezzaro from Rome and some friends of the BDC Forum. When Dario told me that it was to be held in Asciano, a small hilltown near Siena (and about 45km from my home), I knew that it would be a great setting for such an event.

The weekend at the Podere Alberese was filled with a host of great food, pleasant talk (not only about bikes!), and an opportunity to meet some great folks from around the country who came to find other passionate Pegoretti owners. What struck me the most was the quality, not only of the bikes (obviously), but also of the guys and gals who were nice enough to include me in their weekend event.

My family and I had a chance to hang out in a beautiful place, relax for the weekend, and even take a dip in the hot therapeutic waters of  San Giovanni Terme as the sun set over the Senese hilltop afar. I wish I had my camera around for that one. I couldn’t get my new road bike finished in time to pedal with the group, so I was forced to kick back with a few bottles of prosecco and chat about the business and art of framebuilding with Dario and Pietro while our kids were enjoying the first signs of spring. What an event..

Thanks again Nicola, Dario, Pietro and friends for letting us get to know you and participate in this extraordinary event. Hope to see you at ExpoBici 2011 and at the Raduno Pegoretti 2012!


For more info regarding Dario Pegoretti and his art, you can click HERE.

Thanks for reading and have a good ride!